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The South East Lowveld - Our primary safari area in Zimbabwe. 


Previously one of the largest cattle ranches in Southern Africa, devoid of wildlife. Innovative thinking coupled with an incredible management team has over the last twenty years transformed almost a million acres of cattle ranch into the most successful wildlife area in Africa today. Re introduction of many native wildlife species including the Big five was an adventurous quest at the time, However the success of the South East Lowveld has paved the way for similar models throughout Africa. 


Today we carry the highest concentration of wild Lion, The third largest population of black rhino and possibly the highest concentration of wild buffalo in Africa. A true success story centred around the rehabilitation of one of the biggest cattle ranches in the world to pristine African bush veld. 


We have seven permanent exclusive camps all allocated their own sections of the lowveld. The camps are similar in design but differ as far as size and camp setting. Every camp is operated to one standard, under one management structure throughout the entire lowveld. Camps are allocated based on group size , safari package , time of the year etc to ensure every client receives the best possible experience.  

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