The future of wildlife lies with scientifically based sustainable utilisation. Today one of the most important elements to wildlife survival, is controlled hunting.


The Importance of Hunting To

Conserve Wildlife 

A life line for wildlife – The reality is today, with expanding human populations, and an ever-increasing pressure on land, Wildlife is suffering the most.  A growing demand in “bush meat” and various illegal wildlife products all contribute to one result – Wildlife disappearing!  Controlled hunting introduces a value to wildlife and most importantly, a land utilization application that makes wildlife a financially viable alternative. 

The science supports it, more importantly the results speak volumes.

There is no instance where the introduction of CONTROLLED hunting of wildlife has resulted in a decline in numbers anywhere on the globe. 

There are countless models of the exact opposite, a ban on hunting, leading to massive losses in wildlife numbers. “Controlled hunting saves wildlife”.



Hunting is something that has evolved over the years, from an ego driven sport to one of the most important elements of wildlife conservation today. Having learnt so much over the last decade, we continue to do so.


We are proud to support ethical wildlife management models through controlled hunting. The Bubye Valley conservancy is our primary hunting area. Today arguably the most sought after wildlife area in Africa, offering exclusive true African Safaris. Our aim is to continue the tradition of integrity, that is spirit of a Safari and its people. 




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